8.2.2 Ratification of the Annual AdCom Meeting minutes shall take place at the next meeting of the AdCom.

8.3 Special General Meeting of the AdCom, are defined as business meetings with specific subjects to be addressed, which are open to participation by the entire membership.

8.4 Administrative Meetings of the AdCom, are defined as meetings held to consider administrative responsibilities.

8.5 Transition Meeting of the AdCom, shall be held after the election of officials.

8.5.1 The Transition meeting will be held not later than December 31st.

8.5.2 Each outgoing official is responsible to transfer the official records, materials or property of the Society to the newly elected officials and any other necessary information for the smooth continuance of the Society business.

8.6 Emergency Meetings of the AdCom, are defined as any non-scheduled meeting, which if not convened could result in severe adverse effects to the Society or its members.

8.6.1 An emergency meeting may be called by any member of the AdCom at the earliest convenient time that a quorum can be achieved. Telecommunications by phone or FAX is encouraged.

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