7.3.4 The Society membership shall be given at least 30 days notice of any increase in annual Membership Dues, with written


7.4 Expenses

7.4.1 Requests for reimbursement of authorized expenses shall be made within 60 days of the expenditure.

8 Meetings, as described in Article VII of the Constitution, include:

8.1 Regular Technical Meetings are held periodically as defined in Article VII, Section 4, of the Constitution for the purpose of technical information exchange and education of the membership.

8.2 An Annual General Meeting of the AdCom normally shall be held during the month of January, and may be combined with a Regular Technical Meeting.

8.2.1 An appropriate order of business at an Annual General Meeting of

the AdCom shall be:   

(a)  Roll Call or listing of meeting attendees

(b)  Reading of report on business transacted other than at the Annual General Meeting

(c)  Report of Officers

(d)  Report of Committees

(e)  Unfinished business

(f)  New Business

(g)  Adjournment

NPSS Bylaws page 12. NPSS Bylaws page 10.