7.1.2 Sale of subscriptions and Reprints.

7.1.3 Acceptance of paid advertising in Society Publications.

7.1.4 Corporate and Private Grants.

7.1.5 Any other source approved by the AdCom.

7.2 Debt obligation (borrowing money) will require unanimous approval of the elected members of the AdCom. In the absence of a member, telephone concurrence is required with written confirmation received before obligation can take place.

7.3 Annual Membership Dues shall be paid for membership in the Society. The amount of the dues shall be reviewed each year as part of the budget cycle. Any change in Dues will require approval by the AdCom.

7.3.1 The Membership Dues notification for the year shall be sent no later than January.

7.3.2 New Members joining after July 1 shall only be required to pay half of the annual Dues for the remainder of the fiscal year.

7.3.3 Members who have not paid their annual Dues shall receive a reminder notice and will be removed from the roster if Dues are not paid within 30 days after the reminder mailing date. Reminders shall be mailed no later than March 1.

NPSS Bylaws page 11. NPSS Bylaws page 9.