6 Communications:

6.1 Prior to circulation, all publications of the Society shall be approved by the President and Secretary or by their appointees. When necessary, as decided by the President, publications shall also be reviewed by legal counsel.

6.2 All documents are considered publications, except individual correspondence and those that are marked "Internal NPSS" use only".

6.3 The Society disclaims any responsibility for the contents of individual correspondence and documents that are marked "Internal NPSS use only".

6.4 An editor will be appointed for each publication large enough to warrant one.

6.5 Duties of an Editor

6.5.1 The Editors will report to and receive their direction from the Secretary.

6.5.2 An editor shall assemble, edit and publish their respective publications in a timely manner.

7 Funds: The Society may raise funds as specified in the Constitution, Article IV.

7.1 Sources of Revenue may be, but are not limited to the following:

The Fees authorized by Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution include:

        a. Membership Dues

        b. Activity Fees

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