5.3 Duties and Responsibilities of the Secretary

               The Secretary shall:

5.3.1 Be responsible for recording minutes of all Regular Technical and AdCom Meetings. The Secretary will distribute the minutes appropriately.

5.3.2 Assume the responsibility of the Society's correspondent.

5.3.3 Send and receive the Society's mail, establish the mailing address, check mail on a regular basis, redistribute it and respond to it when deemed necessary..

5.3.4 Chair the Communications Committee.

5.3.5 Take whatever steps are necessary to protect and safeguard the Society's documents.

5.3.6 Notify the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts handling Incorporation of non-profit organizations of the current list of names and addresses of the AdCom immediately after the election meeting.

5.4 Duties and Responsibilities of the Treasurer

 The Treasurer shall:

5.4.1 Chair the Finance Committee.

5.4.2 Maintain and build the Society's treasury in a secure manner, establishing bank savings and or checking accounts and safe deposit boxes as necessary.

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