5.1 Duties and Responsibilities of the President

     The President shall:

5.1.1 Speak for and represent the Society on all matters not specifically delegated to others.

5.1.2 Chair the Regular Technical and AdCom Meetings.

5.1.3 Appoint committee Chairpersons annually and reappoint them as needed, except where otherwise noted.

5.1.4 Distribute, in writing, to all AdCom Members and Committee chairpersons, a description of their duties. This may include a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws.

5.1.5 Appoint persons to be liaison representatives to other professional organizations.

5.2 Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice-President

     The Vice-President shall:

5.2.1 Assume the responsibilities and authority of the President during the absence of, or upon the direction of the President.

5.2.2 Assist, wherever possible, the President and other AdCom members in the performance of their duties.

5.2.3 Be a member of the Technical Presentation Committee. The Vice-President shall also chair this committee, or nominate a substitute for approval by the AdCom.

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