SECTION 2:   Amendments to the Bylaws may be initiated by a petition submitted to the President by a minimum of fifteen members of the Society.  The President shall provide copies of the petition, together with a notice of voting time, to the AdCom for a minimum thirty-day review period.  Suitable Bylaw amendments may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of all the voting members of the AdCom.

SECTION 3:   All amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws shall be announced to the membership within thirty days of the vote, by regular newsletter distribution or other appropriate means.  All amendments shall become effective thirty days after the necessary approvals and notifications, unless a later date has been specified at the time the vote is taken.


SECTION 1:   A roster of members shall be kept by the Secretary or Treasurer or other person designated by the AdCom.

SECTION 2:   The roster shall be available to any member of the Society.

NPSS Constitution page 7.