SECTION 1:   Publications of the Society and their contents shall be approved by the President and Secretary or by their appointees.

SECTION 2:   The Secretary, with the advise and consent of the AdCom, shall appoint such editors as may be required.  The duties of an editor shall be prescribed in the Bylaws.  


SECTION 1:   Amendments to the Constitution may be initiated by a petition submitted to the President by a minimum of fifteen members of the Society.  The President shall provide copies of the petition to the AdCom for a minimum thirty-day review period.  For each petition submitted, the AdCom shall be responsible for providing summary statements for and against the proposed amendment, and a recommendation from the AdCom concerning its adoption, not later than 120 days from the receipt of the petition.

The Secretary, not more than thirty days after receiving the recommendation of the AdCom, shall distribute a ballot containing the proposed amendment, the summary statements and recommendation from the AdCom, the time limit for voting, and the acceptable methods for return of votes; to each member eligible to vote.  The time allotted for voting shall be no less than thirty days nor more than sixty days after the distribution of the ballots.

Approval of the amendment by a minimum of two-thirds of the votes legally cast shall be necessary for enactment.

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