SECTION 1.   The Society shall hold a minimum of eight meetings annually of its members at a regular time and location.SECTION 2.   The Society may hold meetings either alone or in cooperation with other organizations.

SECTION 3.   The AdCom shall hold at least two meetings each year, one of which shall be designated the Annual Meeting at a time specified in the Bylaws.  Special meetings of the AdCom may be called either by the President of the Society at his own discretion or upon request of four other members of the AdCom with at least thirty days notice.  Other meetings of the AdCom shall be held at such times as are found necessary and / or convenient.

SECTION 4.   Four elected members of the AdCom shall constitute a quorum, except as provided otherwise herein.  All members shall have an equal vote.

SECTION 5.   A majority (51%) vote of the AdCom members attending an AdCom meeting in which a quorum is present shall be necessary for the approval of actions except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws.

SECTION 6.   AdCom meetings are open to all members of the Society as observers.

SECTION 7.   All records of the Society shall be available to the membership for review within thirty days of the request.

NPSS Constitution page 7. NPSS Constitution page 5.