Northeast Product Safety Society (NPSS) is a forum for networking of product safety engineers and other parties which are interested in an  open exchange of product safety information. NPSS consists of 200+ individuals that exchange  technical information related to product safety. In addition to the regular monthly meetings with one or two technical presentations, there are usually three annual events: May Dinner, November Workshop & November Vendor's Night.

Northeast Product Safety Society (NPSS) was founded in the late 1980's to promote close cooperation and the exchange of technical information among its members. NPSS, Inc. is a non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

NPSS's objectives are scientific, technical and educational in character. The field of interest of the NPSS is product safety and related issues. This especially includes electric shock, fire, mechanical and energy hazards as applicable in design, manufacturing and end use of products.  Emphasis shall be placed upon design requirements & guidelines, evaluation & test procedures, and standardization of these practices.

                          NPSS is .......

                          NOT an industry association because our members come from dozens of industries,

                                     however, NPSS members are active in many industry associations.

                          NOT a standards development organization (SDO) , however, NPSS members

                                    are active on lots of international and national technical committees.

                          NOT a test laboratory or consulting firm, however, almost 25% of NPSS members

                                    are employed by testing laboratories and consulting firms in the Northeast.

                          NOT a supplier group, NPSS does not sell any products, services, standards, materials,

                                    however, more than 80% of our members are employed by supplier companies.